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The Horrible History Of Sex Toys

(Date and room location TBA)

We have been doing horrible things to are bodies for a long time:

Take a sometimes sexy, sometimes scary trip back in time with Professional Pervert and long time LSOP staff member, Jamie. As we look at what kinda crazy things our ancestors came up with to get off with over the millennia. Highlights of the trip include what could possibly be the first man made object, BEES! A pirate queen, BEES! Nicola Tesla, A Russian Warlock, BEES! and some doctors with very sore hands.

Teacher: Jamie Ouellette
Class Style: Lecture
Bring: A open mind, and good sense of humor.
Required Skill Level: None

Rope Care And Treatment

(Date and room location BTA)

Learn to care for your rope, extend it's life span and connect with the tools of bondage.

Class participants will learn the steps it takes to treat untreated jute ropes. Typical online retailers sell their ropes untreated and so the labour of making the rope bondage friendly falls on the consumer. Spectral will walk the class through the processes of breaking the rope in, removing fuzzies and oiling the rope. As well as various other finishing options (knots, tape, whipping etc).

Teacher: Spectral
Class Style: Leture
Bring: Nothing
Required Skill Level: None

Move the Mundane for More Moments of Connection

(Date and room location BTA)

Having weekly meetings creates more space for the important moments and helps avoid arguments. Both singles and partnered people are invited.

We will discuss and practice how to focus one’s time and energy on the things that matter. In the class there will be opportunities to develop safe and intimate communication to deepen trust, connection and vulnerability. This is also beneficial to do individually. Once a week, get the mundane things out of the way (finances, food, schedule, etc) to create the space for more joy.

Teacher: Jonathan & Andrea McLean
Class Style: Workshop
Bring: A open mind.
Required Skill Level: None

Painting With Purpose: Emotional Intelligence Through Art

(Date and room location BTA)

No painting skills required! This class is about learning new tools to process the feels and getting creative while doing it.

The painting with purpose class is designed to convey feelings through abstract art. Guided moving meditation, visualizations and painting techniques are interwoven into this class to find ways to express feelings with paint. Colours, shapes and texture are all considered when painting on the life size paper. No previous experience required.
Activity outline- We begin class with emotional processing tools and teach about boundaries. Then we do a simple grounding and awareness meditation and after use a life sized pieces of paper (or regular size canvas) to trace an outline of the person. Once the outline is painted, we talk about “reading” abstract art and how it relate to the body outline. People often leave with skills in both body awareness, heightened abstract art understanding and new painting techniques.
Teacher: Andrea McLean
Class Style: Interactive Workshop
Bring: Nothing but be aware that you may get paint on your clothes. We use washable paint, but it doesn't always come off. Also, we will be painting on the floor so basic mobility required.
Required Skill Level: None

Rope Basics : The 101

(Date and room location BTA)

So you have seen that picture that draws you in. The rope bound body. Want to learn more or where to start?

Rope Basics: The 101 covers the following Rope Type- fibres and construction. Rope Care- washing,drying and dying. Square knot. Anatomy- both people with vagina and penis. One column tie, Two column Tie. Gauntlets and Chest Harness. 90 minutes
Teacher: Miss Aayden
Class Style: Interactive Workshop
Bring: Some lengths of rope, will will have 'some' available 
Required Skill Level: None

Empowered Erotic Persona: Create the Sex You Want

(Date and room location BTA)

We all have fantasies and in that fantasy we create a version of ourselves that embodies sensual or erotic beings. Let's explore and create your EEP.

EEPs covers the following:
Honesty from Within
Communicating with your partner
Fantasy vs. Reality
Construction of your Persona
Taking them out for a night of fun
Being in love with yourself
One or More? 
Teacher: Miss Aayden
Class Style: Interactive Workshop
Bring: An Imagination and One item that they want to explore and ( toy, costume piece, etc)
Required Skill Level: None

Aerial Play and Relaxation: Featuring The Fire-fly Suspension Unit
(Date and room location BTA)

Want to experience the joy of intimacy without limitations?

One of Fire-fly Inc. owners and avid workshop teacher, Lynde Diamond has worked with some amazing people to help create some techniques to help overcome intimacy issues that include, pain and mobility. This workshop will be a great crash course into the Aerial and Intimacy and relaxation like you have never seen before

Fire-fly Suspension Rig
Aerial Hammocks (Care, cleaning, storage and life expectancy)
Tying a Hammock
Hardware Needed
Positions ( Spiderman, Cocooning, Seat, Superman)
Height Adjustments for open area or bed
Connecting with a fabric divide
Why Aerial Yoga or Restorative Yoga will Help

There will be some great hands on practice of the positions.

Teacher: Lynde Diamond
Class Style: Interactive Workshop
Bring: Comfortable clothing: No sharp accessories, yoga mat.
Required Skill Level: None

Intro to Burlesque

(Date and room location TBA)

An introductory course to the art of burlesque, a dramatic and seductive style of dance. We will incorporate glove play, traditional, and contemporary burlesque movement into a sexy choreography.

An introductory course to the art of burlesque, a dramatic and seductive style of dance. Starting with a warm up and stretch to avoid injury we will then move into burlesque technique drawing from jazz, traditional, and neo burlesque styles. We will incorporate glove play, and burlesque movement into a sexy choreography.
Teacher:Audrey Absinthe
Class Style: Workshop
Bring: Clothes you can move in
Required Skill Level: None

Pasty Making

(Date and room location TBA)

Learn the art of contemporary pasty making, for burlesque, modelling, fashion, or passion these versatile pieces of worn art will add a personalized pop to your look.

A workshop on the art of contemporary pasty making, for burlesque, modelling, fashion, or passion these versatile pieces of worn art will add a personalized pop to your look. We will learn how to layout gems, use colour theory, and create a custom look. Using stencils to create custom shapes from hearts and diamonds to shells, the possibilities for creativity within this craft are endless.
Teacher:Audrey Absinthe
Class Style: Workshop
Bring: A imagination 
Required Skill Level: Very little