Christine and Don Wilhelm

Sexperts of Little Shop of Pleasures

Chris and Don Wilhelm, owners of Little Shop of Pleasures, met in the spring of 1997 and started a kinky and wildly romantic love affair that lasts to this day. Chris is an avid researcher and loves learning. She will talk your ear off about pleasure chemicals, win/win, love languages, and nutrition for sexual health. Don, a professional musician for 25 years, is a voracious reader and loves to learn new things. He brings the energy, enthusiasm, and love of learning he had for his musical career to Little Shop of Pleasures, and now Little Shop Workshops.

Miss Aayden

Sex Blogger & Professional Dominatrix

Miss Aayden is a sex educator, sex blogger, sex toy reviewer, radio host, and professional Dominatrix of 14 years. She lends her skills as an events coordinator and host to many local organisations, most recently including Calgary FapCon, and is sponsored and endorsed in her myriad business ventures by a wide variety of companies, including Tantus, Electrasim, Good Vibrations, Bad Dragon, We-Vibe, and Lovehoney. Her latest project will see the adaptation of her popular radio show, Yes Mistress! into an independent podcast. Check out her blog and more on her website.

Steve Wayne, AKA Zemyn

Rope Bondage & Suspension Artist of Haven Kink

Steven Wayne, better known as Zemyn in the kink community, has been obsessed with rope bondage for the entirety of his life. He entered the public scene in 2006 and quickly became enamored with the concepts of Leather culture. Some short years later, however, he almost lost his life in an accident that led him on a path of intense self-discovery. That path ultimately led him into crafting high quality "toys", starting and hosting a local rope night to build community, and into the world of teaching about rope. During the next half dozen years he travelled to events regularly across Canada and the United States to further his knowledge and have his style shaped by incredible talents such as Peter Slemrian, Wykd_Dave, Aeolis_Est, and a plethora of other incredible persons.

Taken with the art behind his work and passion, Steve began working with local photographers to produce bondage art. This led to performing suspensions on stage at multiple events, including the Calgary Fetish Weekend and at the Taboo Sex Shows in Calgary and Edmonton. As a teacher, Steve has regularly shared knowledge at the rope groups and events in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Red Deer since 2010. He has also presented at conferences including Westcoast Bound (Now Westward Bound), Paradise Unbound, and Lupercalia.


Artisan and Rope Maker of Haven Kink

As a passionate artist, Spectral grew up working on many handcrafting projects such as knitting socks, sewing bags and crocheting toques. At age 19, he began to explore the world of kink and BDSM in private with his girlfriend. 6 years later, he found himself attending his first rope night at the Calgary Centre for Sex Positive Culture and met Steve “Zemyn” Wayne of Haven Kink. This meeting changed his life. Steve showed him the wonders of making rope, treating it and using it for artistic bondage. It was in rope bondage that he found his love for art and his natural gift for handcrafting finally meet. Having been recently appointed the president of Haven Kink, he works to bring the joys of rope bondage to other people by handcrafting Haven’s premiere lines of jute bondage rope and bamboo silk rope. He also co-hosts YYC Rope Night, helping folks in the community learn and practice various skills alongside his partner. While the detail-oriented task of making rope is not for everyone, he believes that rope bondage can be enjoyable for anyone, from spicing up your sex life once in awhile or creating great pieces of erotic art.

Mark Laurie

Master Photographer of Inner Spirit Photography

Mark created the first photography studio in Canada specializing in female nude/boudoir portraits for women. His approach and work has been so powerful in transforming how women feel about themselves he was studied by Psychologists from the Calgary General Hospital. He has been part of the therapy for women recovering from sexual and physical abuse. The women he has photographed describe his warm studio as a safe womb. Mark Creates an environment so comfortable women can easily be as bold or tame as they wish. All sorts of fantasies can be created there. He is the most awarded photography in his field in North America. He has been teaching photography and women’s empowerment since 1984. He has some pretty wild stories he will be sharing.

Kimberly Nelson

Registered Psychologist, specializing in Sexuality & Relationships

Promoting self-acceptance, joy, and pleasure are priorities Kimberly brings to her work as a Registered Provisional Psychologist. From her compassionate, strength-based and sex-positive approach, she helps couples and individuals improve the quality of their lives by improving the quality of their relationships. She teaches that even small changes can make a big difference!

Audrey Absinthe

Professional Burlesque Dancer of Sanguine Sirens Burlesque

Professional dancer and choreographer Audrey Absinthe was entranced by the Burlesque scene, finding a niche to express her quirkiness, sexuality, and creativity in a way other performing arts don’t allow. She began her career in burlesque with Kabuki Guns Burlesque in 2015. In September 2017, she started up Sanguine Sirens Burlesque with fellow performer Molly Melancholy. Audrey has been a producer, artistic director, and performer for shows including Cirque de Burlesque, Swan Lake a Burlesque Retelling, Open Stage, Pantheon, A Variety Cabaret, Vintage Couture, and most recently La Rouge. In her performances and productions Miss. Absinthe implements her classical dance, pole, aerial hoop and acrobatics background into interesting acts, while creating costumes to entertain at a whole new level! She is very excited to be working in Fire-Fly inc.’s rigs and aerial dance supplies for her feature performance at the Lifestyles of Pleasure workshop!

Meagan Lee Filteau

Sex Therapist & Educator of Eudaimonia Sexuality Seminars

Meagan Lee Filteau is passionate about fostering consensual spaces for humans to explore their unique expression of sexuality. Meagan ("she" or "they" pronouns) is a kinky, poly, queer, sex educator and coach, working to destigmatize sexuality through education, conversations, and role modelling.

Co-founder of Eudaimonia Sexuality Seminars, Meagan can be found facilitating workshops around Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver and hosting sex-themed bingos at local universities. She has been actively involved in BDSM for 15 years and has been in various sex educator roles for the last 10 years.

Meagan is a student of life and is consistently learning. She holds a diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling (KCPC), and certificates in Sex and Intimacy Counselling (KCPC) and Massage Therapy (MRU). Experiential learning and personal development have also been a significant part of Meagan’s journey and she spends a lot of her time exploring the edges of life.

Dee (Denise)

Founder of Dee Health n’ Fitness

Born in Venezuela, Dee moved to Canada a few years ago, mother of three very active kids who keep inspiring her to be better every day. Dee is frequently asked what's her secret to stay fit? Especially after having the kids, her secret is a very simple combination of determination, patience and good understanding of the power of transforming her body starting with her mind; these are the tools that have helped her through the years. Dee discovered her love and passion for fitness personal training and living a healthy life, and since then she has focused on transformation. The reason being is that she loves and enjoys very much transforming people’s lives focusing on the Body, Mind and Soul, through exercise, workout programs and other activities to help people move towards to their goal of being fitter and healthier. The more she discovers about herself the more she understands transformation comes from within and this is one of the reasons why she is so excited about working with people and helping them to teach their fitness goals as part of this being life changing journey. This is a journey of having an extraordinary lifestyle. Dee believes she can change your world by providing you with the proper tools to support this new chapter in your life. It's time to find equilibrium between your body, mind and soul and Dee is here to help you.

Jamie Ouellette

Pleasure Expert and Professional Pervert

Jamie has been working at Little Shop of Pleasures for over 7 years, and in the adult industry for over 10! He’s a charming, and handsome addition to the team, and one of the best Neon Wand salesmen you have ever seen. His quick wit and vast knowledge base makes working with him an absolute blast. A man with no shame, he has been active in Calgary’s BDSM and swinging scene for over a decade, and loves to keep up with the new and exciting events around our great city. You can look forward to seeing him at the Telus Spark, The Kinky Flea Markets, the Taboo Shows, Swingers clubs, Play Parties, and teaching others about the wonders of sex and kink. He even does home parties!

Julie Muir

Sexy Lifestyle Enthusiast and Owner of Desire & Spice

Julie Muir, better known as “Jules” has worked in the adult industry for over ten years. Owner of Calgary based company, Desire & Spice, she has built a career around her passion for all things sexy! She loves to share tips and tricks to live your best life, in and out of the bedroom!

Yara Corvid

Registered Massage Therapist of Travelling Zen Wellness

Yara is a gifted healer and Registered Massage Therapist with a diverse skill-set developed over a decade of hands on practice. Yara facilitates healing for others through a combination of client care modalities including Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Reiki (Energy Work), Integrative Chakra Therapy (Energy work) and Reflexology. As a passionate practitioner, she has been trained for and taken on the roles of Perinatal and Bereavement Doula, Pregnancy Yoga Instructor and Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist.

“When we work together to further your health and mobility goals, we achieve greater results. I love the challenge each client brings! Every patient is a new opportunity to apply the breadth and depth of my knowledge to help that patient heal. I adapt to each unique situation and work to resolve my client’s physical health concerns and dilemmas.”

While offering mobile massage, her practice focuses on those serious about improving their holistic health through collaboration with Yara. Mindful, heart-centered and filled with care, Yara has a healing touch that invokes overall wellness.

Sasha Chuidian

Registered Massage Therapist and Wellness Practitioner

Sasha Chuidian is a healer and body-worker based out of Maui, Hawaii. She has been certified and Licensed as a massage therapist since 2008. Over the past decade, she has trained and worked around the world in world class spas and gyms, as well as creating her own business. Passionate about massage, health and well being, she uses an integrative approach to teach and assist her clients to take an active approach in their own wellness. She has researched, explored and trained in different types of massage modalities and healing practices. She is experienced in Swedish massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, deep tissue, sports massage, reflexology, prenatal, Thai Shiatsu, and hot stones. She previously practised energy work and is a certified as a Usui Reiki practitioner, and has studied fitness and nutrition, and is ISSA certified.

Rovena Skye

Tantra Instructor & Intimacy Coach, Leader of Calgary Tantra

Rovena Skye is a Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Tantra Teacher and the founder of the Calgary Tantric Community. She leads Women's Circles and teaches workshops on Thriving Relationships, Compassionate Communication, Sacred Sexuality and Spirituality. Rovena has studied with Master Tantra teachers around the world. She is proud to support people in creating the life and relationships they love. She helps couples and singles create and keep the magic in their relationships. She teaches Tantra as a path of Love and Joy and Freedom; living with an Open Heart, Awareness and Presence.