Lifestyle of Pleasure Expo Classes

Join us for an exciting weekend filled with love, passion, seduction, kinky delights, and most importantly - PLEASURE! The Lifestyle of Pleasure Expo brings together your local community of presenters, educators, lifestyle professionals, and Sexperts for an array of hands-on workshops and demonstrations. You will have the opportunity to shop with local vendors, and enjoy socializing with people in a safe, Sex-Positive, Kink-Positive, LGBTQIA+ Inclusive environment. Steamy subjects for your Exploration Education will be broken up in to two major themes over the course of the weekend: BDSM & Intimacy.

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Yara Corvid, Registered Massage Therapist

Travelling Zen Wellness

Couples Massage: The Art of Connecting

In this 2hr interactive workshop, we will discuss: 

  • Atmosphere, Breath and Connection 
  • A Bit of Simple Anatomy 
  • The Basics of Pressure Application
  • A Few Techniques to Help You Along the Way 
  • Why bums need love, too!
  • And Much More!

There will be a body painting, nest creating, a few activities to get you into the mood and lots of oil to play with. Grab your favorite person and join us!

Bring: Shorts, tank top/sports bra or swim wear

Foot Massage: Health & Relaxation

Join us for a 90 minute hands-on and chat session where we will cover topics such as:

  • Don't You Put It In Your Mouth (Without Consent...Or Washing It First) 
  • Questions to Ask Before You Start
  • How Much is TOO Much, or Not Enough
  • Which Techniques Feel Best
  • The Amount of Tension in Your Feet 
  • And Much More!

Bring: You'll need to bring a set of feet, preferably connected to an amazing human you like spending time with, two (2) pillows and one (1) medium towel.

Denise "Dee" Mago, Personal Fitness Trainer

Dee Health n Fitness

What Can Latin Dance Teach You About Relationships in North America?

Movement is something that we are born with, as a result of our current lifestyle people are having more sedentary lifestyles. With that comes laziness, low energy, low libido, and lack of desire to have pleasurable moments, to have fun.

In Venezuela we dance with everyone and we dance close, no personal space, no sexual intention, it is ONLY the PLEASURE to dance to the rhythm of the beats of salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Bachata, or any other rhythm.

This class is about finding that pleasure from dancing, being respectful of your boundaries, also being playful, allowing closeness, and forming that connection with your dance partner. Letting the male lead and female follow, being synchronized where the male is the one that will take you on the journey of the rhythm of the music, the unknown of where the next step is and because you are so close this will keep you synchronized and connected through the song. If you don’t get it at all, we all laugh together, have fun and enjoy THE DANCING | THE CONNECTION | THE MOVEMENT | THE SENSUAL MOVE | FUN PLEASURE OF the UNKNOWN

…and you will find out that all this has something to do with Relationships…

Audrey Absinthe, Burlesque Dancer

Sanguine Sirens Burlesque

Burlesque for Beginners

This workshop will begin with a warm up and stretch to 1920s style music tying in sass and basic technique. Our choreography will draw on the teasing elements of burlesque including boa and glove play. This class will focus on bringing out your inner burlesque persona in a fun and flirty environment. All abilities and levels welcome!

Modern Burlesque

Beginning with a warm up and stretch to safely execute dance moves, this class draws on jazz, hip-hop, and traditional burlesque styles. We will work on sexy modern burlesque movements to present day hits. If you want an extra sexy challenge this is the perfect class to bring a pair of heels for. We will play with technique, stylization, and characterization through sassy choreography. All abilities and levels welcome!

Pastie Making

Want to make pasties that match your favourite costumes and lingerie? We’ve got you covered! We’ll be looking at how to create different shapes of pasties from your basic circle to crosses, tear drops, and hearts. Following construction of your personalized pastie we will delve into patterning and colour theory to create aesthetically bedazzled works of art for your body!


Warming up and stretching on the floor this class will make sure you’re ready to get into sultry choreography safely. Drawing on jazz, exotic dance, burlesque, and hip-hop this floorwork class in heels is bringing sexy clack. This is a workshop for intermediate to advanced dancers, knee pads are recommended.

Spectral, Rope Maker

Haven Kink

Rope Treatment & Care

Rope is a passion of mine! I will discuss rope material choice, horror stories of treating rope, then show the process we currently use for rope treatment. I'll also bring many samples of rope at all the stages in order for everyone to see.

This class is particularly beneficial for folks interested in pursuing and/or practicing rope suspension privately.

For: Anyone who wants to learn to treat their rope, the Haven Kink way.
Bring: TBA

Zemyn, Rope Bondage & Suspension Artist

Haven Kink

Sexy Bondage Sex

Ever wanted to tie your lover to the bed/chair/table for a good old genital smashing session and just found something got in the way? Some technique was missing, or things just didn't stay in place? Maybe it was just too much work and you lost the mood? Yeah, we hate that too.

So let's solve those problems. For our time together we're going to take a look at techniques and tricks that make using bondage for sex so much simpler, quick, and very effective. We're even going to have some furniture around to work with.

2/3 Demo, 1/3 Practice
For: Everyone of all skill levels and abilities
Bring: Bondage gear you like to use

Tossing About Your Lover (Safely)

Who doesn't like to wrestle at least a little bit in bed? It can be as simple as pinning your lover, or really making them squeal. That's totally between you. But what about those times when you end up exhausted, or worse yet, win by accident?

Here are some seriously tested techniques for taking control, safely, without using up all your energy before you get to the sexy times. This will get a little technical, but it is very worth having that understanding. Everything taught here will be useable immediately, without having to be some secret ninja badass.

1/2 Demo, 1/2 Practice 
For: Everyone able and willing to wrestle a bit 
Bring: A partner to practice with

Being Cruel With Your Hands

"Rough body play" sometimes doesn't do it justice. "Pressure point control tactics" sounds so polite. Being cruel with your hands is all about unarmed sadism. We're going to twist, squeeze, poke, prod, and gently strike our way to the shrieks and cries that get you and your partner off, without doing any lasting damage.

Everything taught in this class was learned over years of "politely incentivizing" very rude people in arrest scenarios, and excessively bratty bottoms in play. We will be practicing, gently, to really get the understanding into the body.

You may not have your toys with you all the time, but you generally have your hands.

1/2 Demo, 1/2 Practice 
For: Everyone who likes pain (giving or receiving)
Bring: A willing partner

Tying A Kick-Ass Takate-kote (Box Tie)

Learn the form for a very specific, incredibly balanced, very comfortable takate-kote tie for both the male and female forms. Extremely useful in bondage for suspensions from all angles, it is highly tested and easily modified for comfort.

This class will be a full on follow the leader that will have you tie and untie the form three times, each time focusing on refining technique and building strong muscle memory.

1/2 Demo, 1/2 Practice 
For: Everyone who likes pain (giving or receiving)
Bring: A willing partner

Suspension Uplines Are So Important!

The uplines in a suspension are absolutely critical. They have to be strong, solid, effective, well placed, can't slip or bind, and should also be aesthetically pleasing. For something you're tying in a hurry, that's a big ask. Shockingly, there is nowhere near enough focus on them.

Let's change that. In this class you'll be focusing on building stronger and more efficient uplines that are easier to manage and are gentler on the rope itself. Suspension rings, poles, and carabiner trees will all be approached for their individual strengths. Exhaustive practice will be performed, as it should be.

Of course, the techniques used will also apply to any line, but will be specifically approached for defying gravity.

For: Riggers and bottoms wanting to understand suspension lines well. A basic understanding of rope techniques is recommended.

Bring: Any suspension gear you use, as well as 2-3 lengths of rope.

Miss Diamond, Owner

Fire-Fly Performance Inc.

Aerial Intimacy
Want to experience the joy of intimacy without limitations? Fire-fly owner and avid workshop teacher, Lynde Diamond has created some techniques to help overcome intimacy issues that include, pain and mobility. This work shop will be a great crash course into the Aerial and Intimacy like you have never seen before. 
  • Fire-fly Suspension Rig
  • Aerial Hammocks (Care, cleaning, storage and life expectancy)
  • Tying a Hammock
  • Hardware Needed
  • Positions (Spiderman, Cocooning, Seat, Superman) 
  • Height Adjustments for open area or bed
  • Connecting with a fabric divide
  • Why Aerial Yoga or Restorative Yoga will Help
There will be some great hands on practice of the positions. 
Bring: Yoga gear, no belts or jewelry allowed for participating in the workshop.

Miss Aayden, Sex Blogger & Professional Dominatrix

Calgary Domme

Flying Low: First Steps to Suspension
Up, up and away. This is the first step to understanding how to rope suspend a human body. Using a basic seat tie you will do a suspension. This will focus on Fire-fly Portable hard point Suspension Unit.

Flying Low covers the following:
  • Physics Lesson
  • Suspension Gear
  • Suspension with Synthetic Rope
  • Suspension with Natural Rope
  • Circulation
  • Basic Rescue Harness
  • Gun Slinger Harness
Class Length: 120 minutes
Class level: Beginner to Intermediate 
Bring Rope! You will experience assisted suspension along with self-suspension only IF you tie the harness correctly. This class is for the person looking to know how to step into the world of rope suspensions but don’t know where to start

The Not So Intimidating Rope Workshop
Rope Basics: The 101 covers the following:
  • Rope Type - Fiber and Construction
  • Rope Care - Washing, Drying and Dyeing
  • Square Knot
  • Anatomy/Circulation - Includes both Female and Male Genitals (not identifiers)
  • One Column Tie
  • Two Colum Tie
  • Basic Shibari Body/Trunk Harness
(15 Min. BREAK) 
Rope for the Knotty: The 201 covers the following:
  • Basic Binding
  • Corset Binding
  • Limb Support
  • Ladder Bind
  • Adding Rope Lengths
  • Bondage for Sex
  • Fun Tips and Games

Each Class is 90 Minutes. Please bring your own rope!

Jamie Ouellette, Pleasure Expert & Professional Pervert

Little Shop of Pleasures

BDSM Basics

From the fluffy feather all the way up to the scary shock collar, this is the class that will walk you thought the BDSM section of your local sex store. Making stops at restraints, impact, sensation, electro play, and plenty more. For anyone that has even seen the title of a book that has 49 too many colors all the way up to pros that want to learn some new and interesting facts about their favorite toys, Jamie is a hilarious wealth of information happy to answer any questions you might have about the hardware involved in sex! 

Bring: Your lovely selves and any questions you have!

Chris & Don Wilhelm, Pleasure Advocates & Owners

Little Shop of Pleasures and Little Shop Workshops

Slap, Kiss, & Tickle - BDSM Light (Sensory Play)

Want to up your game in the bedroom?  Are you fighting boredom between the sheets? Do you want to kick it up a notch but don't want to get into the hard core stuff.  Are you finding it challenging to balance being a new parent and maintaining the connection in the bedroom. This class might be right for you. Slap Kiss & Tickle is the art of exploring pleasure and all its delights. It is sensation play for lovers.  Our skin is the largest pleasure center on the human body. Do you have any idea how many pleasure sensors we have on our skin alone that often gets neglected. Billions. Yes you heard right.   Learn how the physiology of the human body, the alchemy of pleasure and the psychology of power exchange all come together to create the ultimate indulgence in pleasure.  Play your lovers body like a fined tuned instrument, make them sing, gasp, bellow with desire and joy.  Then, it is your turn to receive.

Ban the Peck: Kiss Like You Mean It!

How many of us are running from one task to the next. Our mind is already out the door fighting traffic, arguing with your boss and you are exhausted before you even walked out the door.  Your lips barely graze you sweethearts cheek.  How did we get here?  I remember their kisses used to make my knees weak and loins fill with desire. Now I am lucky if their lips even touch my skin.

Ban the peck is one small part of a much larger subject.  In a nutshell it is: never give your partner a peck on the cheek.  In this class you will learn how this simple act can harm the intimacy and drain your love cup.  You will also learn how investing a few more seconds on that kiss will ignite the heart of a young lover.  This extremely simply yet surprisingly effective technique is used to combat one of the major scourges of relationships...complacency and boredom. This class will fearlessly face many of the common pitfalls in relationships and provide tangible tools and a deeper understand of what works and why?

"Kiss me like you miss me"        Deadpool 2

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves." Albert Einstein

Our Most Important Workshop Ever Written! (Part 1 and 2)

Chris and Don Wilhelm do not hesitate to make the claim that this is the most important workshop they have ever written because any way you look at it "Emotions are the only reason that anyone does anything". Yet, most people don't know the first thing about:

  • What your emotions actually are?
  • What creates them?
  • How are they triggered?
  • Can they be moderated?
  • Can you influence your emotional state of mind?

Based on the latest scientific discoveries, we will answer these questions and much more.  Along with answers to questions you didn't think to ask, we will provide you with real world tools and techniques that will help you manage your emotions and generally feel happier. 

Meagan Lee Filteau, Sex Therapist & Educator

Eudaimonia Sexuality Seminars

Orgasm FUNdamentals

Orgasms are a journey, rather than a destination. Join us for a discussion-based workshop that dives into the physiology and psychology of human orgasms!

Orgasm FUNdamentals opens a space for participants to:

  • Review human anatomy and the sexual response cycle
  • Learn about arousal non-concordance and the importance of verbal communication
  • Explore reasons for there being so many different words used to talk about different orgasms
  • Clarify that orgasm and ejaculation are separate physiological responses and discover how this knowledge can be helpful for multiple orgasms
  • Brainstorm factors that can contribute to someone not experiencing the orgasms they desire
  • Explore ideas and suggestions to help move towards having more of the orgasms that are desired

What What (In the Butt)

Join Eudaimonia Sexuality Seminars for a fun and interactive discussion about anal pleasure! What What (In the Butt), facilitated by Meagan Lee Filteau, opens a space for participants to:

  • Discuss the myths and cultural associations surrounding the topic of anal play
  • Review anal anatomy and what causes the anus to behave differently than other body openings
  • Explore introducing and experiencing anal play with others
  • Learn and share practical tips about preparation, hygiene, lube, safer sex, anal toys

Heart-Centered Kink: Merging Tantra & BDSM


Creating Intentional Relationships: Polyamory & Beyond


Kimberly Nelson, Registered Provisional Psychologist

Flourish Psychology

What Science Tells Us About Optimum Sexuality: Great Lovers & Sex Worth Wanting

Keep the Spark Alive: Communications Skills for Increasing Joy & Pleasure to Get the Sex You Want!

Create Your Sexual Resume: Consider Your Sexual Biography! Identify Both What You Bring to the Table, as well as What You Are Looking For

Mark Laurie, Master Boudoir Photographer

Inner Spirit Photography

Pro Tips For YOUR Bedroom Photography: Erotic Happens With the Push of a Button

Master Photographer Mark Laurie will share photography tips the pros use to improve your bedroom photography, From DIY lighting tricks to posing to creative lens uses. How to create the mood that creates amazing.

Seeing What Lovers See In You: How Powerful a Photograph Can Be

A great photograph can be so empowering, so exciting it can amaze you. Master Photographer Mark Laurie will share insights on how photographs, the image and the experience changes you, changes relationships, changes your vision of yourself.

Photography Vanilla to Kink Tips & Tricks

Master Photographer Mark Laurie brings photography tips to the kinky. Telling the story, angles and lighting that will change the image. How to get the best image – lighting tricks, camera angles, posing tips. Just how to approach it. How to create the best flavour, from Vanilla to Kinky.

Julie Muir, Passion Enthusiast

Desire & Spice

Living Sexy

Part 1: Learn how to incorporate ‘sexy’ into your everyday life, for singles and couples alike! From aphrodisiac foods to little ways to nurture your inner God/Goddess

Part 2: Dive further into incorporating ‘sexy’ into your everyday life, including planning a romantic evening for one, two or more!