Chris and Don Wilhelm, owners of Calgary's favourite adult boutique for over 17 years, are proud to present Little Shop Workshops. After years of sharing their knowledge with customers in-store, and lending their expertise to attendees at the Taboo Naughty But Nice Show's seminars, Chris and Don's latest venture is an exciting opportunity to share their love of learning with Calgarians in a new and education-focused context.  

Chris and Don curate an array of fun and informative workshops on a variety of topics that address the need for Sex Education that extends beyond "the birds and the bees". Partnering with a diverse line-up of facilitators, including (but not limited to) local sex-positive educators, medical professionals, artisans & creators, niche community leaders, and talented & skilled Kinksters in the Calgary's BDSM scene. Chris and Don bring their years of experience in the Business of Pleasure, their deep passion for education, and their eternal love for each other to each class. Fostering an inclusive and safe space for people to inquire, learn, and grow - The Wilhelms are developing a sense of community, connecting students to the people and resources they didn't know they were looking for.